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from riches to rags and at home in both.

July 25, 2011

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Here is the latest news on my two-location show in Barnstedt, Lower Saxony, at the beginning of July, when the cold wet weather did not dampen the warm atmosphere and spirits of all the visitors. The original plan to show the paintings in the barn as part of the von Estorff family’s celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the  Barnstedt Music Association was changed due to the rain. I had made a concept for the barn so had to have a quick rethink due to not being able to knock nails into the precious walls of the old family von Estorff home. The only nail in the wall was used to hang the horse portrait I did for a stables in Upper Austria. The owners had framed it, unbeknown to me, in this great golden frame which not only fitted perfectly in the atmosphere of the stately home with it’s candelabras but also when the minuet dancers in their period costumes performed there too. Almost surreal! The whole day was a buzz with the most talented musicians , the philharmonic quartet Novosibirsk from Caucasia moved me to tears in the little chapel with their performance of Borodin’s 2. String quartet in D-major and Mozart’s piano quartet in G-minor, a young trio of woodwind players, and as mentioned, the group of minuet dancers in period costume performed in the entrance hall to the manor enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience and under the watchful eyes of my portraits. The puppeteer group “Fette Schnecke” (Fat Snail) with Pamela Fleck and Jörg were enjoyed by young and old as was the sing song outside during a slightly less wet interlude, arranged and orchestrated by Annette Brun.

The wonderful wet day was crowned by a freer performance in the 16th Century Chapel  by the visiting musicians from Caucasia, a day of colour for all our senses!

Then it was back to the barn – one of my favourite parts of Barn-stedt!

I took all the paintings and hung them at one end of the 30 metre long barn and really got an overview of my work in Barnstedt so far. The portraits all gazed down at me from the wooden walls where I could hammer in nails to my heart’s content! Most of the animals and person depicted live across the way from the barn! We had a lot of fun and it was very important for me feel my work, which I started in 2009, as one big piece. I am enjoying working on a larger scale with the animals at the moment but intend to carry on with the small portraits until I have captured all 39 sheep, 4 goats and other creatures on canvas and then the next part of the journey will begin. Many thanks to the von Estorff family for their  kind invitation to exhibit and warmest of welcomes in Barnstedt , to Regine Kirsten for her great support and wonderful photography and to all other friends who helped me out with both exhibitions!

Next exhibition end of August in the old Schwarzenberger brewery in the Mühlviertel!  The “Lieblinge” are already on the road!

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