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EWMD – A colourful get-together in the Mühlviertel

October 29, 2011

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I arranged for my friends and colleagues from EWMD (European Women’s Management Development) to visit some colourful places in the Mühlviertel this summer. What started as a local chapter party developed into a national get together and soon became international with the very welcome visit of the International Board, our Chairwomen Uschi Boehle, Kris Hauf and Juliane Chakrabati and some more members and friends from Germany and Switzerland. We started off at Nick Treadwell`s Museum in Aigen-Schlägl in the Mühlviertel which is a breathtaking district surrounded by the Bohemian woods bordering the Czech Republic and Bavaria. The Treadwell collection is enigmatic, compelling and fascinating (see link) and located in the old court rooms and jailhouse of Aigen (Nick has converted the cells to “cosy” guestrooms), well worth a visit as you can see!  I then led the small convoy of cars  onto the magical mystery tour over the Guglwald to show the splendid colours of the Bohemian woods and sprawling Mühlviertel hills…only trouble was they were covered in fog and it was pouring down, so we could not see a thing. This made my job of opening our get-together and my exhibition at the Königseder Brewery, Hinterweissenbach, even easier as everyone was so relieved to get into the warm and welcoming space of the old dance hall with a glass of prosecco to warm them up. My show started in the old stables where I painted four animal portraits in the grooves of the old hay grids set concavely in the wall which was quite a challenge due to the 3-D effect I was striving for. I put my sheep and chicken portraits in the old hay loft and then 53 small A5 collages in the old dance hall with black and white photo copied enlargements set over the windows making incredibly effective contrasts with the greens from the outdoors and the light shining through. I had wanted to try out the massive wall hanging for many years so this was the perfect opportunity (later and incredible backdrop for the official opening and blessing of the renovated property which I had been unaware of whilst hanging those images!) And then the 53 prints set around the walls in the form of a film strip. I like the small size as it makes the viewer look very close at the image, each one opening up new worlds and a news world as they are all based on photographic material taken from newspapers or documented by myself and then drawn over and developed into small emotional icons. For me it was quite an emotional time hanging those pictures again after 3 years as I could remember each story as if it were yesterday. Such is the power of media and images…

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my world with my EWMD friends and colleagues. Having spent 3 years as the international communications director and 5 years as the national representative it was most fulfilling sharing my feelings through images instead of words….which is such a fascination for me in general.

The cool but refreshing day was crowned with warmth and laughter in the cellars and old stables where we enjoyed a delicious meal, some good wine and fabulous company. And as usual, the exchange of ideas, stories and new ventures were in abundance as the fabulous and colourful adventure was  taken in, digested and turned into vibrant energy by and for our exceptional group of colourful women!

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  1. April 6, 2012 1:07 pm

    Thanks Brigitte – the whole experience was so rich from all angles! Now it is time to move on…although I am strictly against animal transport 😉 Love Helen

  2. Brigitte Mössenböck permalink
    April 1, 2012 4:34 pm

    Dear Helen,
    I really enjoyed our wonderful meeting in Aigen and Guglwald. Your paintings are grate!

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