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Hassamboulia Review in Maroni News Sheet

January 13, 2015

Bill Macfarlane



By Bill Macfarlane

The time: the 1890s. The place:the Wild West. A time and place

well known for banditry, stock thefts and general lawlessness. A gang

of outlaws is hiding in the hills, evading capture and committing murders

and abductions; sometimes for money, sometimes just for the hell of it. The

gang, known as the Hassamboulia, is led by two brothers, whose elder brother,

Hassan Poli is languishing in jail. The boys’ mother helps to keep the younger

boys out of the way of the law, possibly even encourages them.

No, this is not Ma Baker and her boys, nor the James brothers. For this is the

wild west of Cyprus, the valleys and villages of the Paphos District in the

early days of British rule.

Bill Macfarlane has taken facts, legends, and research carried out

some forty years later, and mixing them with speculation…

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